Lewis Capaldi at Usher Hall Review

The ominous tones of “Duel of the Fates” blare from the speakers of Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. First used to heighten the tension of the climactic lightsabre battle in the first Star Wars prequel, here it signifies the homecoming of Lewis Capaldi. Back in his native Scotland for the first time since the summer, the Grammy-nominated superstar takes to the stage to applause of galactic proportions.

Wordlessly, Capaldi breaks into Grace, the first song on his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. After kicking off with a song upbeat by his melancholic standards, the audience’s emotions are brought crashing down with acoustic renditions of Forever and Don’t Get Me Wrong.

The crowd are then treated to a display of Capaldi’s tremendous wit, arguably the reason his rise has been quite so meteoric. He thanks the crowd for selling out the stunning venue, but proceeds to them that he merely sees them as “a tenner a skull”. Before resuming the musical portion of the show, Capaldi asks who in the audience loves rock and roll, and then quips “aye, well you’ve come to the wrong fucking gig”.

That sentiment rings true, as Capaldi performs powerful ballads One and Maybe with staggering sincerity. Before You Go, his latest single, perhaps offers the peak of the incredible emotional prowess of Capaldi’s song writing. The track explores the devastating aftermath of suicide, inspired by his aunt’s death when he was a child.

In hindsight, Bruises becomes a fitting choice for Capaldi’s next track. Following the conclusion of his debut single, audience members alert the singer to a fight that has broken out in the standing section. “We’ve come here to sing sad songs and that’s it” bemoans the young Scot.

The contrast between lyrics and sound in Capaldi’s performance of Hollywood almost epitomises the gig as a whole. A vibrant song with heart-breaking lyrics, the track slots in perfectly in Capaldi’s concert-come-comedy show.

Heads begin to turn during Hold Me While You Wait, but not due to Capaldi’s singing. Once again, a brawl breaks out in the crowd, this time prompting the singer to halt his performance. After blasting the “idiots”, who were thrown out by staff, he restarts the sombre track to a buoyed crowd.

The night ends in the way many fans were hoping for, a stunning rendition of Capaldi’s chart-topping tune Someone You Loved. Despite cancelling gigs last week after losing his voice, the immense rasp and power he has become famed for is undeniably present.

As he leaves, the crowd continue to sing the chorus on a loop, exemplifying the adoring connection between singer and fanbase that Capaldi has so modestly crafted.

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